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Saturday, May 26, 2007

My nephew gave me his last wafer cookie

The other day, my eight year old nephew gave me his last cookie, and not just any cookie, it was my favorite kind, a wafer cookie. One tiny, one and a half square inch of delicious! It was the most satiating bite of love I have ever tasted. It was unadulterated, pure. It was this boy, who when I asked what he was munching on, out of the desire to resume our connection in person, plainly replied "Cookie, do you want it?"

I said, "But it's your last one,"

His unknowing reply, without missing a beat was, "Ya, I know." Simple as that.

He is the first born of my sister friend, who so long awaited children. She had nurtured a life time of love to bring to her children, which she knew she was always to have. She practiced her nurture on me -- refined and defined it in every relationship she had from the very beginning. I wasn't the only one, but I was a big one; I have needed her and she lets me. And now that she is a mother of two truly unique individuals, who are so loved, and only test their bratty tendencies, she let's me love her children also.

J's and my relationship took time. His attachment to his mother matches hers, as all babies do. For the first few years hers was comfort trusted, he just needed her more, but every now and then he'd let me know I mattered. When J was ready to enlarge his conscious world, I was included, his love real and waiting.

Today I watched his delight of a sister, S, play T-ball. We read a book, and I watched her make a card and helped peal stickers. We laughed, we looked at each other in the eye a lot. A younger love she and I have, and we have time.

I have 4 other nieces and one nephew, all unique, loved, and loving. I have not seen them as often as I would have liked; being mere blocks from J and S unfortunately reminds me what I can, and do, miss with them.

This Auntie gig is great!

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